Four Records I’m Listening to Right Now (by Geoff)

Bill Evans Trio Sunday at the Village Vanguard
For some reason I’ve not listened to Evans in a while. Re-visiting this record has me wondering why I have been so foolish. This live recording is spectacular and is a reminder of how amazing Scott La Faro really was. My favorite jazz trio ever.

Bitch Magnet Bitch Magnet
I’m cheating because there are three records (Star Booty, Umber, Ben Hur) included in this fantastic reissue from Temporary Residence Limited, but I don’t care. These guys were   pioneers and it’s great to be reminded of why they are held in such high regard.

The Black Twig Pickers Ironto Special
Bluegrass? Country? It’s true American music from Southwest Virginia.

Wild Flag Wild Flag
Not to corner a group by bringing up past endeavors, but I never really got into Sleater-Kinney. For some reason, however, the first record by this trio has yet to stray far from the turntable. It’s the best kind of indie-rock: fun.

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