From the Yardarm Kitchen… Spanish Spice Rubbed Chicken

Feeling a little spicy?

Here’s a mucho gusto dinner recipe for Spanish Spice Rubbed Chicken from the recently published Dad’s Cookbook: Family Classics from Sunset Beach, which Yardarm compiled, edited, and designed.

Spanish Spice Rubbed Chicken Breasts with Parsley and Mint Sauce


1 tablespoon Spanish paprika (or just plain paprika)
1 tablespoon smoked paprika (this you do need)
2 teaspoons cumin seeds, roasted and mashed
2 teaspoons mustard seeds, roasted and mashed
2 teaspoons fennel seeds, roasted and mashed
1 teaspoon ground pepper
4 8-ounce chicken breasts
1 to 2 glugs olive oil

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Four Records I’m Listening to Right Now (by Geoff)

Bill Evans Trio Sunday at the Village Vanguard
For some reason I’ve not listened to Evans in a while. Re-visiting this record has me wondering why I have been so foolish. This live recording is spectacular and is a reminder of how amazing Scott La Faro really was. My favorite jazz trio ever.

Bitch Magnet Bitch Magnet
I’m cheating because there are three records (Star Booty, Umber, Ben Hur) included in this fantastic reissue from Temporary Residence Limited, but I don’t care. These guys were   pioneers and it’s great to be reminded of why they are held in such high regard.

The Black Twig Pickers Ironto Special
Bluegrass? Country? It’s true American music from Southwest Virginia.

Wild Flag Wild Flag
Not to corner a group by bringing up past endeavors, but I never really got into Sleater-Kinney. For some reason, however, the first record by this trio has yet to stray far from the turntable. It’s the best kind of indie-rock: fun.

How to Build a Better Pie: Sweet and Savory Recipes for Flaky Crusts, Toppers, and the Things in Between

We’re big fans of pies here at Yardarm. BIG fans. Some of us prefer the sweet variety, while others prefer the savory. That’s why we are very excited about our old friend Millicent Souris’ new release. Simply put, it will enable us to build a better pie. It’s the simple things in life, people. Check it: How can I build a better pie?

Millicent and a Pie

Thanks For Making Yardarm Media’s Launch Party A Success


Thanks to all who came out to help us celebrate Yardarm Media‘s launch.  It was a great evening, although admittedly bittersweet due to the passage of a certain North Carolina Amendment.

We would like to take this opportunity to recognize the fine work of our wonderful hosts for the evening, the skilled staff at Bull McCabe’s.

To all those who joined us, we salute you!

Yardarm Media Launch Party

The Sun is Over the Yardarm….

We at Yardarm Media would like you to join us for our launch party at Durham’s Bull McCabe’s. Gathering time is 5.00pm to 7.30pm on Tuesday, May 8th, so come hoist one with us and celebrate our new venture. Bull McCabe’s pub is located at 427 West Main. Drink specials will be available.

Splice the Main Brace!

I’m Ready for The Durham Bulls

It’s hot in Durham. Like 81 degrees on March 15 hot. Yesterday it hit 84 at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Which should be called Durham-Raleigh International Airport, but that’s a topic for another post. Back to the weather. Apparently, it’s hot in a lot of other places as well. And that can only mean one thing. Baseball. And here in the Bull City, that means the Durham Bulls. The sad thing is, the Bulls don’t take the field for another three weeks. Three weeks!

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Color Me Obsessed

The Replacements of Tim

When I called a buddy here in Durham to ask if he wanted to go to Chapel Hill to see a new documentary on The Replacements, he said “Every once in a while something cool goes on in that town and, whenever it does, I can’t go.”  Behind the humor and little jab at Chapel Hill, I know he was really bummed. He’s usually fine missing these few and far between events in our sister town, but missing this one really seemed to bother him. It’s a film about The Replacements after all. I first heard The Replacements in my friend Andrew’s beat up, late 80s Honda Civic. I was in tenth grade and All Shook Down had come out the previous year to much critical boo-hooing about the end of The Replacements, music writer one-upmanship about the death of a great band, and grumbling about the inauspicious beginnings of a watered down, lackluster Paul Westerberg solo career.  The record turned out to be all of these things, but I didn’t have any clue at the time that this record was any of that.  It was simply the first Replacements album I would hear and my introduction to a catalog of music that still astounds me.

The first Replacements song to enter my orbit was the roughhewn pop of “Merry Go Round,” perhaps the best track on the record. Maybe I think it is the best because it was the simply the first Replacements song that I heard and it happened to be in the car of a friend who I looked up to and who introduced me to loads of bands I still listen to (Sonic Youth, Firehose, Dinosaur Jr. come instantly to mind) sometimes with somewhat moist eyes.  But after a couple of decades, “Merry Go Round” still sounds great to me and, most importantly, it doesn’t sound like a Paul Westerberg song, but like a Replacements one.  Andrew’s car stereo was about as cranky and finicky as he was. The tape had to be inserted just so, the speakers rattled and hissed, and the volume knob was so picky that you had to turn it up and down several times before finding the right level of sound in each of the ornery speakers. But all that just added to the beauty of the song and the moment.  As we drove out of my neighborhood to whatever high-school Friday night shenanigans were ahead of us, I knew Westerberg’s rattle and rasp and jingle jangle guitar would become our soundtrack for the night. Continue reading