Yardarm provides experienced book editing and book development for first-time writers as well as veteran authors. We offer proven editorial guidance and a hands-on technique for writers who need to develop, shape, and fine-tune a book proposal to send to literary agents and publishers, as well as those who are navigating the newer waters of the self-publishing option. With extensive contacts in the publishing world, we also edit previously acquired titles for publishers and provide book-doctoring services for projects already in development.

If writing a book isn’t what you’re after, and you need some editorial know-how on a different kind of project, Yardarm can help there, too. If your commercial, professional, or non-profit organization needs editing assistance, we’ve got the team to do it. We can jump in midstream and edit current website content that needs retooling and polishing, or get in on the ground with you and work on the content for a new website that just needs an editor’s touch. We also tackle catalogs, presentations, and promotional material in any number of areas.

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Our Editorial Director previously held posts at Crown Books, Gotham Books, and Touchstone Books. He worked with several notable authors including the music writer Marc Spitz, the editors of Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated‘s Jack McCallum and Jon Wertheim, award-winning sportscaster and bestselling author Jim Nantz, bluegrass legend Dr. Ralph Stanley, the Roanoke Times’s Ralph Berrier, Jr., The Onion’s Mike Loew, and GQ‘s Mickey Rapkin.

Selected Praise and Thanks for Yardarm Media’s Editorial Director Brett Valley

“With heartfelt thanks and utmost gratitude to…my gifted editor, Brett Valley, for taking a chance, telling it like it is, and bringing the characters of Cooperstown to life.” Eugena Pilek, author of Cooperstown

“Thank you to everyone…who worked on this book…most especially Brett Valley, whose response to having this project dropped on his desk was to buy me a dirty martini. That’s just classy.” Elizabeth Goodman, author of Cat Power: A Good Woman

“Special thanks to my editor, Brett Valley at Touchstone, (who) had the vision to see a book emerging from a magazine article.” Jack McCallum, author of :07 Seconds Or Less: My Season on the Bench with the Runnin’ and Gunnin’ Phoenix Suns