Ironing Board Sam

The Crunkleton in Chapel Hill is a fine establishment all on its own, but it takes on a whole new luster when Ironing Board Sam is at the piano. Ironing Board doesn’t just play piano, he sits down and takes command of the ebony and ivory. His blues spill out from some kind of ever-deepening well and his prowess at the keyboard is astonishing. You just know…something divine is at work here. The combination of Ironing Board’s electric spirit and the finely tuned cocktails at Crunkleton are a heady mix for sure, but it was the music itself and the reverberations of one man’s soul filtered through his instrument that left me slightly wobbly and skyward-looking. After his set, I felt a little lighter and a lot more centered. That’s what the blues are supposed to do after all. Here’s to you Ironing Board. I’ll be seeing you again soon.

Check out this video from 1965.

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